Friday, October 23, 2009

My very first 7 quick takes

  1. We're going to a Pumpkin Festival tomorrow. I love the autumn season in general and when I heard about this, I got very excited. My husband didn't seem as interested as I did, but when we were invited to join some friends of ours who have a son Fuss's age, I convinced him it would be fun. I am so excited, it's sort of funny. They have a corn maze and a pumpkin patch and pumpkin foods, etc. They are going to have games and a costume contest, too, but we're not going to dress our kids up - we kinda figured it would be hard on our little toddlers. But she has a Halloween shirt (candy corns) so I'll dress her in that. Can't wait for the photo ops.

  2. Tonight is a new episode of that show Monk on the USA network. They've been promo-ing it for weeks using the song "My Sharona"since they are bringing back the character Sharona from the first 2 seasons played by Bitty Shram. I am suprisingly really looking forward to it, as I really liked Sharona.

  3. My back and neck are killing me. Part of it is my posture, part of it is the pregnancy, I think, and part of it is the fact that I slept oddly last night. Ugh.

  4. Caroline has been playing really rough with me today. She's been banging on my chest and stomach, she even picked up her plastic bat and was hitting me on the back with it earlier. (She's been told no, removed from the situation, etc.) but I don't know where this is coming from. Just the age?

  5. My mother's dog is driving me nuts. Seriously. I'm ready to have him stuffed.

  6. I teased my newly pregnant friend (yay!), N (hi!), yesterday when she said that her absentmindedness of late is preggo brain - that the baby was sucking her brain and I asked her if she was sure it was the baby. But today, I'm finding that I, too am very absentminded.
  7. Apparently, an older lady drove her car over the curb into the front of the coin laundry next to the store where I work yesterday. She apparently then backed up her car, put it in park and unloaded her laundry from the trunk and walked through the shattered glass and began to do her laundry. My coworker witnessed it and went over to check it out. He asked the lady if she realized what happened and she asked, "oh? Did I do that?" My coworker called the leasing office, who then called the police. But rumor has it that she didn't even get a ticket. Should this woman be allowed on the road? Seriously?
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