Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I've been anxious about this pregnancy for awhile. Both my mom and my grandma lost their second pregnancies, and while I have no reason to think I will, too, the possibility is in the back of my mind. Constantly.

So I've kept from telling everyone about this pregnancy too early. I've kept the few who know to a select list of people who would be supportive if something bad were to happen. So, my dad doesn't know and I'm not telling random friends that I might have to then, explain that no, I am no longer pregnant.

My plan was to wait until after my appointment today to tell my dad and then, slowly let others know. I figured that this appointment would give me the assurance I needed to feel confident in this pregnancy.

I had my u/s this morning. And despite the running behind at the office, I stayed reasonably calm and unstressed throughout. The u/s revealed a good-looking gestational sac, according to the tech. It was well developed and the right measurements, etc. But we couldn't see a heartbeat. Based on my LMP, they thought they should, but based on my later than average ovulation date (I knew charting would come in handy!) we could be short by a day or 2. They scheduled me for a for a follow up a week from Thursday.

My midwife (who is wonderful and very knowledgeable) told me that the bleeding after sex in early pregnancy is fairly normal due to higher sensitivity and weaker blood vessels in that area. She said that the first question they ask when a newly pregnant woman calls w/ spotting is "did you just have sex?" and if the answer is yes, then they tell her not to worry. They did put me on progesterone supplements again, since they won't hurt me and I had low progesterone last time around. She said they could do the blood work, but this would take less time and wouldn't negatively effect me and you can't OD on progesterone, so why bother? I got lucky and got a coupon in the mail for a $25 gift card w/ new or transferred prescription to CVS when I got home this afternoon, so I've already gone to get the prescription filled and picked up my free gift card!

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