Monday, October 12, 2009


I have to tell you about my party! I had so much fun! Cherry and I headed over to Liz's apartment and had a blast visiting and catching up. Her schedule is SO crazy this year (she's a speech pathologist for a school and she commutes 2-hours round trip 5 days a week - she's gone from her house from 6am-6pm every day) and we haven't had much time to talk, so it was great to visit.

We got there a little early and arrived just as Lisa, our consultant (called a Bootician, no I'm not making it up) arrived and was setting up. She was funny, full of energy and very friendly, but not in that fake, over-the-top way. (I don't know how many in-home product parties I've been to over the years and that fakeness really drives me crazy.) It helped that she was actually friends with Liz and they used to work together.

Liz had this FABULOUS pumpkin dip and a bunch of other healthy snacks set up (plus, rum punch) and it was delicious. When the party started, I was a little wary, since she had everything all set up at her table and there were some unusual items on display. But, we started out with the beauty products - bubble bath, scented/flavored sparkly dusting powder, pheremone-laced body butter, etc. We were all completely into this stuff. It smelled amazing, it felt great - this stuff that was like a liquid bronzer, actually made me look sort of tan! (for me, this is a BIG DEAL. My skin doesn't tan - even with fake help)

There was this delicious chocolate body fondue that isn't sticky on your skin and tastes like liquid fudge. (Yum!) There was body honey in several flavors and nice massage oils that felt so fantastic. There was aphrodisiac lipbalms and lingerie. All sorts of fun stuff.

She started to introduce the toys. There are levels of toys, of course. Some "beginner toys" and some "moderate" toys and "advanced" toys. We checked them all out (G-rated - this was not a demonstration party!) and some of them were funny and some of them were intriguing and some of them were, I confess, appalling to sheltered little ol' me. (Can I confess that I have never actually seen a vibrator in real life? TV, on sitcoms and the like, yes, but never in real life. Maybe that makes me really sheltered, but I think I'm okay with that.)

We all bought a few items - some for beauty and some for fun. Cherry and I are talking about scheduling a party - hopefully in November. The shipping is very fast (we expect to get our orders on Wednesday of this week) and Daddy Fuss and I are looking forward to trying out our finds and I'm guessing we'll be looking at some more of the products in the future.

There were some moderately embarassing moments during the presentation - but it was a comfortable setting, so it really wasn't too bad. It was a lot of fun.

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