Friday, April 29, 2011

8 Quick Takes

1. The Little Man has a second tooth popping through and is a big huge ball of drool. I don't even know where all that liquid comes from, he's so drooly. Wow.

2. Took my kids to visit their Aunt J for her birthday on Thursday. She works at (our) my alma mater. SO much has changed around there in the decade plus since I went to school there, but one thing remains the same - my 6th grade teacher, Mrs. B is still teaching there. She now teaches 3rd grade instead of 6th, but she was a fixture back then, and she is a fixture now. She taught all but one of my sisters-in-law, my husband, myself, my sister, my cousin... she's been there forever. It was fun to show off my kids to her. (and it seemed like she doesn't age. How is that possible?) She asked Fuss how old she was and was impressed when she told her very politely that she was 3. Then Fuss asked how old Mrs. B was. Mrs. B answered that she was 100. She certainly doesn't look it, but with the length of memories that I have of her (I began Kindergarten at that school more than 25 years ago and I'm pretty positive she was teaching there then) I'd believe it.

3. I am sick of hearing the words "but" and "remember" because my 3-year-old is constantly arguing with me ("but...") and bossing me ("now remember, Mommy,..."). It's become an issue and she is now being punished for bossing adults. This is a problem when my parents think it's so funny to hear a little midget instruct them. I don't find it funny at all.

4. I'm going to my first Tupperware party this weekend. I vaguely remember my mom going to them when I was a kid. Should be fun.

5. I am ticked off beyond measure that when shopping online, you cannot get items that are featured in their own site's promotional pictures. For example, I am looking at Ann Taylor Loft and there is this ADORABLE top in several of the sections labeled "Looks we love" and under their "style studio" they have the same outfit featured under a s sub-heading and they either never sold the top or it's completely out. That to me is pure laziness. Don't tell me you don't have other pictures of outfits that you DO sell. This frustrates me to no end when I'm shopping online. They aren't the only site that does it, but they seem to be the worst.

6. My mom and I are going shopping this weekend and I'm psyched. I LOVE new clothes.

7. I've been having weird twinges in my back, near my kidneys. I'm really hoping it's not a stone. It could potentially be just a muscle spasm/sore spot, but it bothers me that it keeps happening right there in the kidney area. Plus, I confess, I haven't been drinking as much water as I was and I am up in my soda intake, which is less good on the kidneys. (But my headaches seem to be back again, thanks to, I assume, my hormones going back into regular swing. Speaking of which, I should probably call my OB-GYN and get some BC pills...)

8. We watched part of the Royal Wedding this morning. It was so beautiful and I admit that I teared up a bit seeing how much in love they are... it's such a beautiful thing to see 2 young people in love.

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  1. I loved the royal wedding, too. They just seem so perfect for each other.