Monday, May 2, 2011


I was debating which post to write about this morning - my fun shopping trip with my mom or something more serious going on with my dad...

But I awoke this morning to hear the news that Osama bin Laden is dead and I (tentatively) rejoice with the nation that one of our biggest enemies is no longer...

I hope and pray that those who lost someone in the tragedy of 9/11 were able to find a little more peace last night when they laid their heads down on their pillows.

(I tentatively celebrate simply because it seems a little odd to bury the body at sea within 24 hours of it's demise when the body is that of someone that the whole world would like to have certain confirmation one way or the other. But maybe I've just seen too many TV shows and movies that talk about conspiracies. And maybe I don't trust President Obama that much.)

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  1. I think the burial-at-sea thing was what our leaders (military or Obama, I don't know) decided was the better of two not-good choices. Keep the body and be accused of defying Muslim customs or get as much evidence (photo and DNA) from it as they could, then bury? I agree burying at sea seems kind of weird.