Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Things I don't want to forget

  • This weekend, I had a moment... my husband brought the baby in to me first thing in the morning. (We have a habit of him going to get the baby when he wakes up and bringing him into the bed so I can nurse him without getting up. Depending on the day/time, sometimes he'll get back in bed and snuggle with us, but if it's a work day and later, he'll go straight to the shower.) Up until now, Daddy Fuss would put the baby down and I'd have to pull his paci out of his mouth before he could latch onto me. But this weekend... he saw me and opened his mouth, dropping the paci and reached for me. It was so sweet and so special.
  • Fuss says cute little screwy things - mispronunciations of words, or phrases out of order. She's starting to outgrow some of them, so I want to record my favorites.

    Farkles = sparkles
    File! = smile
    Bodden = bottom (she's still saying this one, for which I am grateful)
    I ate my breakfast all = I ate all my breakfast
  • Little Man is starting to sit up by himself and he has the greatest posture. He sits on the floor on a blanket and gets an object in his hands and works it from every angle. He studies things so hard. And then he gets bored, tosses it and doesn't want it again because "mama, I'm already done with that one." (he is obviously not SAYING it, just that's the look...)

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  1. My favorite is "are you?" Which means "where are you?" She wanders around the house saying it when she looks for something and I could die of the cuteness.