Friday, April 15, 2011

7 Quick Takes

1. I'm getting a cold, courtesy of my son and apparently one of us has also managed to pass it to my daughter. Yippee. WHY oh why did I put him in the nursery? (Fuss told me this morning that her mouth hurts when she swallows her spit. She's got a sore throat.)

2. My boy is sitting up on his own. I'm kind of thrilled. He sits up so cute and regal-like. This is one cute kid.

3. I've been watching the previews for this William and Kate movie on Lifetime and I want to see it. I really haven't followed their relationship because I have issues with tabloids harassing people who just want to have normal lives. And it's not like William really had any choice to his fame... but the movie looks sweet and I'm starting to remember my mom watching Diana's wedding... it's the royal wedding of this generation...

4. I have stuff I want to do this weekend. This cold sucks.

5. I'm obsessed with Easter candy. My favorite candy is Cadburry Creme Eggs which you can only get at Easter. I also love Peeps. Particularly the pink bunnies. I did buy a few Creme Eggs this year, but I haven't bought one marshmallow bunny. I'm trying to be good and the temptation is just too much, so I'm not even having them in the house. I bought the kids some cute little toys for Easter instead of a lot of candy. I feel this is very responsible of me.

6. We're starting to give Little Man some table foods. Soft ones or chunks of fruit that are too big to swallow, but he can suck and gnaw on. He loves it. He had grits the other day, and mashed potatoes last night. He had cantaloupe yesterday. He's having fun learning to enjoy real food.

7. I've become obsessed with Scrabble. Apparently, I'm 70 years old.

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  1. I'm dying for some Cadbury eggs! I haven't had any yet. They're probably not good for my temporary crown, though.