Saturday, April 23, 2011

What's the Hairy Deal?

We took Fuss into a salon that was recommended by a friend to have her hair fixed. I was so hopeful. I knew it would be short, of course (did you see the quantity of hair she chopped off?) but I was still hopeful that it would look little girl-ish and cute and feminine.

I won't say this to her, of course. I won't even say it out loud. But it's horrible. Every time I look at her, I want to cry.

The stylist did the best she could. She warned me that the length that she had left was going to have to go. She warned me that until it grew out, that she couldn't even do a little bob because right now it would just look like a bad bowl cut. Older girls can pull off the short cuts and still look stylish and cute. But my 3 year old looks like a boy with a long hair cut in a dress and I am SO sad.

It turns out that the stylist my friend sent us to is Fuss's Sunday School teacher (one of them). So that was sort of fun. I'd actually go back to her for myself, I think. And next time I'm ready for a haircut, I probably will.

I'm going to keep messing with Fuss's hair - clips and maybe even try to curl it with the curling iron or something - to see what I can do to make me feel better about it. I'm heartbroken. Which I know is ridiculous, but seriously - my daughter is so incredibly beautiful that I hate that she now looks sort of boyish.

The good news is that hopefully this will help her hair grow in thicker, as sometimes cutting it tends to stimulate that or something. I know it will grow back, but... oh, I'm so sad about this.


  1. It is hard to have a girl with boyish hair. I've basically gotten used to it, but still dress her SUPER girlie to try and get the point across. It does help a lot, but old people especially are pretty clueless. If they can see her haircut, why can't they see her pink shirt and polka-dot shoes?

    Meg got her first haircut today (my aunt is a hairdresser and brought her stuff to Easter dinner), but she doesn't really look any different. Its basically a cleaned-up boy cut now. We're still waiting for it to grow!

  2. At Fuss's 1st birthday, she had just enough hair to put a clip in the side, but it only stayed in long enough to take the pictures. By her 2nd birthday, she had a little more, but we could only get a few little sprouts on top of her head like fake pig tails. It was after she turned 2 that it really kicked in.