Friday, April 1, 2011

7 Quick Takes.

1. I started feeling better after getting out my rants yesterday. It's still true, but I don't feel so defeatist about it.

2. My kids are cute. Really cute. (I tried to add a picture, but it's not working. I'll get on this weekend when I have my husband's computer and do it.)

3. We had a tornado warning in my area yesterday. Living in Florida, and pretty near the coast, I'm very used to bad weather warnings, etc. They never bothered me before I had kids. Yesterday I realized that there was no windowless spaces in our house (no walk-in closets, and even our bathroom has a pretty good sized window in the shower area) so I closed all the bedroom doors and planned to hide out in the hallway if it got closer. I packed a bag of the kids clothes and all the diaper stuff. I tossed my wallet and my Kindle in it and put blankets and cushions in a pile in the hall. I made sure Fuss and I were both clothed (it was morning and when we don't go out, a lot of times, Fuss especially walks around half dressed) and I put our shoes in the hall, too. The weather report was scary. They were projecting that the worst part of the storm was going to come straight through our part of the county. I watched the radar on our weather station... and I heard about the aftermath and damage reports. There was (a good amount of) tornado damage within a mile of my house. There were some pretty serious gusts of wind all over the county (reports were coming in for 50, 60, 70 MPH gusts as close as the school that is basically in my neighborhood.) I could hear the wind howling outside my door. Thankfully, we only had some power flickers and no apparent damage to our house. The area to the south of us, that didn't even get hit as hard as we did, got more than 1/2 an inch of rain in 20 minutes. No wonder the street in front of my house flooded for a short bit. (It does that. Fast and hard rain tends to make the drainage back up and the street floods briefly until it can catch up.)

4. My son is obsessed with cords and gadgets, especially things that light up. Especially things he can't have. (like my phone, or the USB hub connected to my computer) My daughter is currently obsessed with strawberries and her stuffed animals.

5. Fuss went strawberry picking with her aunt J the other day and had a fun time. She came home with more strawberries than we can eat (but not enough to make wine from, thank goodness! I'm not ready for that again yet.) And she will not stop asking for them. I think she might be trying to turn herself into a strawberry. Or at least turn herself into Strawberry Shortcake.

6. We got the check from the consignment sale that my friend held last week. It was really low. I got $10 back and they waved the consignor's fee of $15. I sold about $15 worth of stuff total. There was at least $60 worth of stuff there (the prices I put on it) so not much of my stuff sold, which is really, really disappointing. I had several pieces that had never been used, including shoes. I had them donate the left over stuff, thinking it would be a handful of pieces instead of the bulk of my offerings. I was hoping to earn enough to buy my kids each an outfit and possibly even myself something, if it all went. I guess not.

7. My headaches have been ramping up again. I am not thrilled. I had one this morning that felt like I was getting pretty strong electric shocks through the right side of my face/head. Yes, it feels as bad as it sounds. Not fun.

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  1. The same thing happened to me the first time I sold things at a consignment sale. There was a $15 participation fee and I sold $15 worth of stuff, only a fraction of what I bought. The next time I priced every clothing item at $1 and got a check for $40! (we've gotten so many hand-downs, I made a rule of only 1 big bin of clothes per size and I STILL had that much stuff to sell)