Tuesday, April 5, 2011

10 on Tuesday - Date Night

1. What is your ideal best date?
A night out with my husband eating great food and drinking nice cocktails or wine. Possibly a movie or a show of some sort. Then coming home to both kids sound asleep and my house picked up by the babysitter. And then some private time with the husband to end the evening.

2. How long does it take you to get ready to go on a date?
Depends on the date, but somewhere between 1 hour to 90 minutes, I'd say.

3. What would you wear on the date?
On the date above, I'd wear either a skirt and a sexy top or jeans and a nice top. I'm in kind of a fashion rut, right now and I have little that fits, so I'd have to stick to those vague descriptions for the time being.

4. If you are married, how often do you go on dates? If you are single, when was your last date?
We try and go at least once a month for a date night without the kids. Sometimes it's more often, some times less often, it all depends on our babysitting options. And our budget.

5. What was your worst date?
I went on a date on a whim with a customer who happened to ask me out less than 12 hours after breaking up with my boyfriend at the time. I was about 20. I knew nothing about him, except that he was in the service and he was "a little older than me." On our date, I found out he had been in the service for 12 years or more, which made him at least 30. We had nothing in common and he sort of creeped me out over dinner, so when I left the restaurant, I turned the wrong way so that he couldn't follow me home. About 3 months later, I saw him working security at Target and he sort of followed me through the store until I met up with my now-husband and threw my arms around him. (he was my best friend at the time) My girlfriends who are married to the military tell me that if a guy knows he's getting out of the military within months, he talks about it. A lot. So now I wonder what the deal was with this guy - why he was suddenly working for Target. And then, like a year later, my caller ID showed that he called my house, but it was a woman who was on the line. I have no idea what that was about.

6. Do you/Did you kiss on your first date?
I don't really know that I had a "first date" per se. I had a boyfriend before we really got to "go out" on a real date. And I got my first kiss on the stairs in the Sunday School building of my church.

7. If married, how long before you knew he/she was the one? If single, how long before you know if the person is marriage material?
My husband and I were best friends in high school. We both watched the other go through strings of girlfriends and boyfriends. I think I knew he was "the one" before we really started dating. It was when he threatened my then-boyfriend in order to protect me that I knew he really loved me. I was ready to get married long before he was, so I waited around (impatiently) for him to figure it out.

8. Do you prefer day dates or night dates?
I guess, typically, we have night dates, but that has more to do with availability. My husband works a day job, and so do most of our babysitters. (our family) Plus, it's easier to pass the kids off at night.

9. How old were you when you first were allowed to date? I was 15 when I had my first boyfriend. We hung out, but as far as a formal date went... I was 16. He took me to my high school homecoming.

10. What is the most embarrassing moment you have had on a date?
It was publicly embarrassing, but one time, on a fancy date out with my now-husband, I wore a garter belt and thigh highs for the first time. And then I had to go to the bathroom and I had the worst time trying to figure out how to handle that.

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  1. oh, I forgot alcohol. my ideal date includes alcohol. :)

    And I've never attempted the garter belt. You're a braver woman than I!