Thursday, April 22, 2010

Update: 20 weeks!

I saw this bassinet in an ad recently and I AM IN LOVE. I have no idea what makes me think that I need this thing - we decided against getting a bassinet when Fuss was born because it would only be useful for a very short time (it holds up to 15lbs) and we went with a pack'n'play to have in our room with us, since we were going to get one anyway for uses outside those first few weeks. (We ended up using it for an even shorter time than we thought we would, since Fuss loved her crib from the get go and we all slept better when she wasn't right next to us.) There is a good chance that I will want to keep Fry closer for longer this time around, but I don't need to spend over $100 (the current list price I'm finding) on something just because it's cute, right? But,....

In other news, things with my MIL are still crazy as she tries to find room in her already outrageously crowded house for more "stuff" and somehow, my husband and I are expected to bend over backwards to help her with this insanity. (His 2 local sisters seem to be too busy to put in very much help on the weekends. I don't know how much they've been able to do during the week, but I know last week, there wasn't a whole lot done before our first garage sale on Saturday. And naturally, his sister who lives out of state can't do anything but encourage her mom to be realistic and encourage her siblings that hopefully things will get better.)

I'm in hormonal overdrive about spending time with my husband lately. I hate that he has to work and be away from us for 10 hours a day (8 hours of work, 1 hour lunch break, 1/2 hour each way commute) and then often has other commitments and ends up working overtime, etc. He also has a men's bible study that he's beginning this week that an old friend has begged him to take part in of late, so that's another evening away from us. It's all legitimate stuff, but it's frustrating for me, who pretty much wants him home. All the time.

And I am finally, officially 20 weeks along in this pregnancy, feeling the baby fairly regularly (he's more active in the evening, I almost never feel him in the morning. Part of this, I'm sure has to do with the placenta being all out front, but in part, I'd say he's already exhibiting some personality of my husband and his family who are decidedly NOT morning people.) and I'm 19 weeks away from my induction date!!!! I am so psyched to be getting closer to that time! I am already over being pregnant, so the halfway point really feels like a victory.

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