Monday, April 19, 2010

Okay, so now I'm obsessed with blue...

I'm in full baby-boy mode now. I want to shop, shop, shop and pop him out soon so I can dress him up. Of course, I'm on a budget, I have 2 friends who are done with having kids that had boys and are giving me their stashes and I need to see what they pass me before investing in a wardrobe and I still have 143 days until my due date (according to my ticker on the maternity boards). So I think I might need to reign in my shopping desires.

I've been going through Fuss's clothes to pull out the ones that are special to her (her going home outfit, a hospital blanket, etc.) so I can pass some of these clothes on to my girlfriend who is having a girl in another couple of months. I am having so much fun remembering the way she looked in these cute tiny little clothes. I held up her first outfit to my husband while he was cuddling with Fuss last night and was like, "remember how little she used to be?" He was amazed. And our kid was nearly 9 lbs at birth, so she had never been one of those incredibly tiny babies!

But I'm checking out ebay and amazon and I got a GREAT deal with a terrific coupon at Babies R Us yesterday so I stocked up on a couple of outfits for the boy and a new bathing suit for Fuss (so precious!) and we've been making a list of things we need to register for (we know that a couple of friends are throwing a shower and there is always the completion program discounts!) and of course, it's a much smaller list this time around, since most of my bigger stuff was gender neutral the first time around. I also scored a gender-neutral bouncer in nearly perfect condition at a garage sale this weekend for $8! My old bouncer was a lifesaver, and I loved it, but it was solid pink and while I COULD use it for my son and just add a blanket, I was so glad to find this one for cheap! Yay me!

But my big question right now is the double-stroller dilemma. Do we or don't we? I use my stroller all the time right now. I take Fuss walking with my girlfriend Jo a couple of times a week and we love getting out of the house. (And Jo is also pregnant with her 2nd child right now, so it will be both of us trying to lose that 2nd baby weight in another few months!) And I love to walk in the mall and we know we're going to Disney when the baby is a couple of months old, so is the double stroller worth it? Is it necessary?

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