Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bullet Update - 21 weeks!

  • One of Fuss's 2-yr-molars is coming in. Thus far, she doesn't seem to be too bothered by it, though we are having some minor sleep issues of late.
  • She randomly started drinking milk again the other day and drained 2 cups. She hasn't touched the stuff since.
  • I did laundry like crazy the other day and ended up wearing myself out rather badly. I spent the evening grumpy and in pain. Went to bed with a headache, slept with a headache (I noticed it each time I woke to go to the bathroom), and woke up with a headache.
  • I have an addiction to breakfast sandwiches, specifically the sausage, egg, and cheese on an asiago bagel from Panera. I ask my husband to bring me one at least once a week. But I've noticed that my morning sickness and my headaches decrease on the days that I eat one in the morning, so there is the added benefit of that.
  • At just after 19 weeks, I had a violent bout of morning sickness, that found me gagging up stomach acid and a tiny bit of blood. I then went an entire week without any morning sickness whatsoever and thought that maybe it was finally over. Exactly one week later, I had to pry an unknown bone out of my dogs mouth (he found it in the yard, I was incredibly afraid I was going to find some unknown animal attached to it) and lost my dinner. I have since had several rounds of morning sickness since. Ugh.
  • I'm also having more Braxton Hicks contractions more regularly (not regular as in several an hour, but a couple each day) that are pretty strong. I don't remember having them until closer to 30 weeks the last time around...

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