Friday, April 2, 2010

7 Very Random Quick Takes

1. Tomorrow is Gma's funeral and most of her offspring will be in attendance. She had (and was very proud of this) 3 children (all married, one spouse deceased), 12 grandchildren (most married), and 11 great-grandchildren - with one on the way! Most of them will be at my house tonight for a big family dinner, which is why I've been away from my computer most of the week - I've been cleaning!

2. My MIL and I are puzzled by the food gifts given to us by her co-workers. Much of what was brought is your usual stuff - cakes and pastries, casseroles, etc. Someone, however, saw fit to provide us with 3 dozen eggs and 2 pounds of bacon, uncooked, of course. We're assuming they had breakfast on their mind and are of the opinion that it's the thought that counts. The supplies won't go to waste, of course, but it seemed random to us.

3. My daughter is absolutely adoring having her same-age cousin, J in town. They have become the best of friends over the last week and she is going to be heartbroken when J and her family return to NC on Sunday. I always wanted her to be friends with her cousins and I'm sorry that they live so far away and we don't get together very often, especially after seeing this.

4. My own cousin (age 17) was recently sent to a Christian "fresh start" boarding school in GA after telling a bus load of classmates that she had been sneaking out of the house at night to go see her boyfriend (and a lot of other things, but this was apparently the last straw for my uncle). When my Gramma asked her "what were you thinking?" K answered, "we were having sex." (I'm not sure I would have been so bold in front of Gramma, and I'm nearly 30 and married with a kid and one on the way. My Gramma isn't a prude, but geez.) I'm feeling a little guilty about not keeping in better contact with her when we are apart, since I know she desperately needs a good, positive female roll-model in her life that she can relate to. (My Gramma is a wonderful woman, who is a great roll-model, but K and she don't relate well. At all.)

5. Fuss's sleep schedule has been so crazy this week that I am afraid that when things return to normal this coming week, she is in for a rude awakening. She's been staying up late and sleeping in, and still taking fairly good naps, but the schedule is all out of whack. And my girl is a schedule-oriented kid. So this is going to be fun...

6. I had my April OB appointment this week and they had trouble locating the HB on the dopplar. When they popped me in for a quickie ultrasound, we discovered that the placenta is all out in front (it looks like a large sweet potato on the u/s pic) and confirmed why I'm not feeling a lot of movement in the middle (I feel occasional flutters, but they seem high) and why we had trouble with the dopplar. My BIG u/s (the anatomy u/s) is scheduled for just 2 weeks away, on April 15th! Daddy Fuss will be taking at least a half day off to go with me and I am SO excited I can't stand it.

7. I should really get off the computer and finish the picking up and cleaning that I have yet to do, but both human members of my family are napping (plus one dog) and I don't want to disturb them.

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