Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'm downright Grumpy all the time...

My SIL LP took care of Fuss last week and we switched cars and she left a 2-CD set of Kids Christian songs in the car, playing for Fuss. Ugh. I can only stand so much little-kid music at one time and she is constantly begging for "Knees Toes Song"! and such. A choir of little kid voices (thankfully, in-tune) is not exactly how I like to spend my driving time, so we negotiate for changes to the music playing. :)

It's been a rough 24-hours for me. Last night around 6PM, I noticed I was spotting. Again. Only this time was worse than previous times. This was after a horrible bout with tummy-pyrotechnics that nearly had me losing consciousness from the discomfort. I then had some cramps and lower back pain and I realized that I hadn't felt the baby move in several hours... The spotting finally moved along a few hours later, and the cramping eased up and around 10PM the baby finally started to move again (naturally, just in time for bed... but I'd rather know he was okay than sleep easily, at least at the beginning...) Ultimately, I think everything is fine, but I wish my body was more cooperative with me!

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