Wednesday, May 19, 2010

One less tooth and Sushi

Had my oral surgery (I recently found out that my first impression of the term "oral surgery" was the same thing my husband thought when he heard it the first time - we were both younger and assumed it meant that the doctor "orally" gave a play-by-play or something while doing the surgery. We took it from our impressions of "oral presentations" or "oral reports" that we did in school where "oral" always meant talking, not just having to do with the mouth...) yesterday. OMG did it hurt. I guess the darn tooth didn't want to come out, that the root was strong, even though the top of the tooth was severely damaged, and while I try to be a trooper about pain (I have a high threshold of pain - you don't have kidney stones multiple times without developing a high threshold for pain), I know I made more sounds while he was prying the darn thing out of my mouth than I did while I was in labor... I think they may have given me a little too much Novacaine, too and I ended up with a killer headache later on, but I seem to be mostly recovered now, thank goodness, and I'm already off the pain medications they gave me (though the jury is still out on whether or not I'll take one before bed tonight - sometimes putting pressure on that side of my jaw still hurts, so laying on my side through the night isn't the most comfortable...)

The highlight of my day, though, was some quality mother/daughter time spent with my mom in the morning... we got pedicures (my piggies are so pretty now) and had a fabulous lunch at this Asian restaurant that Daddy Fuss and I like... I even got my mom to try a sushi roll, which she ended up loving, so my step-dad will likely be thrilled! (He loves all sorts of food - the more adventurous the better, but my mom steadfastly refused to go to a sushi restaurant with him, so I've been working on convincing her to try it - and try it my way - to see if she would like it. I introduced her to a tempura roll with crab and shrimp since her biggest objection was that she hates the idea of raw fish and she was in love.)

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