Friday, May 14, 2010

7 Quick Takes: Very Random

1. Today was the last meeting of my MOPs group for this school year. I'm a little bummed that we take a break for the summer, though I do understand that many people take their vacations over the summer time, etc and attendance would significantly drop, etc. But it's been a good year. I'm torn over what to do about the first meeting next year. If everything goes as planned, I will have an 8-day old baby to cart around... I hate to miss the first meeting, but I also don't know how possible it will be. We shall evaluate when the time gets closer, I'm sure!

2. I THINK we are going to do potty-training Boot Camp this weekend. She's showing more interest, but seems like she might need a little push in that direction. I have been delaying and putting things off, etc. for months. But now... we're getting awfully close to when the baby arrives and I would like to have it firmly established by the time the baby arrives, even though I know there is a good chance she will regress at that point. I have this theory that it will be easier to remind her that she knows what to do than to start from scratch! (Don't correct my thinking, I think I like being disillusioned in this way)

3. So my big dilemma on the potty training thing is: is it better to let her walk around the house with nothing on her bottom, or in underware and get her used to it/risk the larger quantity of laundry? Any advice is welcomed!

4. On Tuesday of next week, I am booked to the hilt. I have a morning walk w/ Jo and then Fuss is going to spend a couple of hours with her while my mom and I have our belated Mother's Day time (mother/daughter pedicures and lunch) and then I am having my tooth extracted and hopefully, Fuss will be moving to hanging out with my mom for that time period. I am not sure how all of this is going to work, since Jo wants to take the kids to the MOPs outing at the beach while she has Fuss... I'm wondering if I should move my tooth thing... but I already wanted it taken care of and...

5. It is only May and very hot. I do not know how I am going to survive the summer pregnant or how we are going to subsequently pay the power bill for our AC.

6. My husband brought up the subject last night of going to a men's conference in Colorado this summer that he is VERY interested in... the catch is that it is approximately 1 week before my induction and only 2 weeks before my due date. I told him "no" right off, but he's so excited about the prospect that I know we'll end up discussing it in more detail and I'm okay with that, but it makes me so nervous to think of him not being here when/if I go into labor early. I was planning to have my mom in the delivery room again anyway, but - he needs to be there. Right?

7. My mom brought up my Gramma's desire to go to NC for a week this summer - back to the place where we used to spend my childhood vacations, etc. I have been wanting to take Daddy Fuss there since we started dating (and I'd love for Fuss to see it), but I'm not allowed to travel that late in my pregnancy (they are talking about doing it the first week in August. I am due the 2nd week in September), so I am bummed that they will likely go without me. I haven't been back since the summer I turned 15, which was 15 years ago. I miss it. And I really wanted to go back some time.

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  1. At least Fuss is showing interest in the potty! My 2.5 year old is flat refusing to use it...

    If you have more info on the potty boot camp I would love to see it.

  2. A tip on the potty training. What worked for my girls was to use the underwear but put some sort of pants over them. Jeans tend to work the best as they will soak up the majority of the pee and are SUPER uncomfortable when wet. I found that by using the pants over undies method, I rarely had any puddles (or carpet) to clean up. And yes, you will be doing more laundry that way, but for me it was easier to get the washing machine going and walk away then scrubbing at floors. Just do a quick cold water rinse to wash out all the pee and then follow with your regular wash routine.

  3. I always hear good things about kids going bare bottomed when potty training, but all of my kids have freaked out at the idea and I didn't need another complication to the already difficult task of potty training.

    Not that you know me (I came via Conversion Diary) but having now trained 4 kids, I will note that although potty training boot camp can work, it has always been much, much easier to get a kids trained when they were slightly older. Even if it meant having more than one in diapers at a time.

    Best wishes with it. I hate potty training.