Monday, March 1, 2010

Goodness Gracious

Thursday night I started in with this pain in my stomach. It began as this tight, full, bloated feeling (like I was extremely stopped up) and then expanded to a sharp, intense pain on my lower right pelvic region. (I even asked my mom the symptoms of appendicitis it was so sharp). I woke up repeatedly during the night - mostly due to the pain. When my alarm went off at 6, I got out of bed, painfully and on my way to the shower, Fuss woke up and I realized that I couldn't pick her up without an extreme amount of pain. I woke my husband and asked him to take care of her for me. I took my shower, but could barely stand up straight.

He offered to keep her for our usual "I get one hour at work to myself" Friday morning thing, for which I was grateful. I had no clue how I was going to load and unload her from the car when I couldn't pick her up. When he arrived at work, I had already called my OB's office and left a message, but of course hadn't heard back yet. I asked him to stick around and I called my dad to find someone to relieve me at work. I worked for a little while longer and my dad showed up early to help me out and wait for my psuedo-step-mom to arrive to help out. Having not heard from my OB's office, I decided to just show up and try and get them to see me as soon as possible. (I live and work at least 30-minutes away anyhow, so there would be a commute.)

When we arrived, I explained to the office manager that I didn't have an appointment, but that I had this horrible pain and was hoping one of the midwives could see me. In just a couple of minutes, I had been asked to come back, do my vitals (I'd lost 2 lbs) and leave a sample. They got me into a room quickly, too. They told me right off that my midwife had been planning to call me back, but had been called to the hospital to break someones water and would be back shortly.

She arrived several minutes later, but not before Fuss had gotten antsy and one of the staff members had come in with a latex glove balloon for her to play with. When my midwife came in, she apologized for being delayed, which I thought was amazing. Here I show up without an appointment and she is apologizing.

From my description, she guessed that it was round ligament pain, but gave me a check anyhow. She tried to pick up the heartbeat on dopplar, but couldn't get it (but OMG, did it hurt as she pressed the thing against my belly!) and hooked me up with a quickie ultrasound. They checked my ovaries and cervix length (all normal) and showed me the baby floating around in there. We got the heartbeat (166 bpm) and I asked the tech if she had noticed a correlation with the old wives' tale about the heart rate (> 150 = girl, < 150 = boy) and she said no, that it didn't seem to be the case that it totally depended on the size of the baby, etc. and so then she told us she had a 70% guess on gender.

The ultrasound confirmed that there were no further problems, so my pain was diagnosed as the ligament pain. The midwife reminded me that as my second pregnancy everything was going to be a little more dramatic and intense, etc.

I was relieved to find out that there were no problems. Very relieved. I think I didn't realize how worried I was until she told me it was all okay.

It took me 2 more days (Sunday) to clear up the pain completely. I was able to get back to normal actions (like picking up Fuss) on Saturday, thank goodness. I'm back to regularly taking softeners since the vitamins tend to make me more stopped up than I'm comfortable with. I also had a lunch on Friday that consisted solely of a Jamocha shake from Arby's (my favorite shake, but also often a guarantee to get my insides moving) and took it easy on my stomach for a few days.

I am hoping this week will bring less drama than last. I'm hoping March is better to me than February.

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