Thursday, March 25, 2010

Silver Lining

I wrote my last post, cried and then got to have a nice long talk with my husband about everything I was feeling. And my day went so much better yesterday. I had some energy, my best friend called to make a ton of plans with me/us while she is on spring break next week, Fuss mostly behaved herself and then, my husband got to spend a lot more time with us than usual because he was attending a trade show out of town that really only took him a few hours, including the 4-hour total commute so he left late and came home early and I was ecstatic. (there was also the matter of him doing everything in his power to physically make me feel better, but will stop right there with the description because there are things I am not sharing on my blog, and this is one of them.)

Wednesday was a good day.

Today however, has been rough. We had a follow up appointment with Fuss's pediatrician to (hopefully) clear her post-latest ear infection and give her her 2-year-old vaccines. We had tantrums as I got her ready (one about talking to my mom on the phone - she didn't want to let go after a lengthy conversation and the other about me packing up her cereal in a car-friendly container so we could take it with us) and then they were running behind (a little) at the Dr's office. Which was no big deal, really. But then, when the Dr. checked her little ears, we discovered that not one, but both of her ears were infected. I am also instructed to watch and journal about the scenarios when she tells me her head hurts (did you know that there are documented cases of children as young as 3 getting migraines? But headaches in children this young can be a sign of things much more serious, as well, so we need to monitor the when and why of when she complains that her head hurts very carefully.) Her arm, however is fine, despite Tuesday's run-in with the van door.

The fun part was when I had to lift her kicking and screaming and remove her from the Dr's office (where they apparently have far-superior toys and 24-hours of Disney channel playing in the waiting room) and practically drag her across the parking lot. Once we finally got home, she was calmer and we snuggled on the couch a bit while watching part of Clifford the Big Red Dog on PBS and reading some books.

I am looking forward to naptime.

So I'm stressed today and a little cranky, but truly, I am not feeling nearly as bad as I was the other day. That was a real low point for me.

I am hoping to get a haircut and maybe a make over at the mall soon to help with my self-image. I'm embracing the maternity clothes (don't I always?) that accentuate my fuller chest (when you've got it, why not, right?) and prove to the world that I am PREGNANT not just FAT, which helps with my self-image as well. I truly look pregnant when I'm wearing a shirt that isn't 4 sizes too big for me.

I am trying to think positively. I am trying to enjoy these days of having only one child, of being pregnant, a little more by looking for the silver lining.

And I'm enjoying the cuddles that having a not-quite-well toddler is affording me, even if I'm upset that she is sick yet again.

And now I have to go clean up the yogurt mess she just made all over my dining room table. :)

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