Monday, March 8, 2010

Silly Things

I thought I'd chronicle a few of the cute things that Fuss does regularly, that I hope to remember forever. It's the every day things, sometimes that really make me smile and I never want to forget them.

1. When she wakes, she hands me her paci. "Red. Paci," she says. I put it away in the basket on her changing table and then she starts to gather her menagerie. She sleeps with a bunch of stuffed animals so each morning (and after naptime) she has to choose her animals. She usually chooses too many and we have to negotiate. She currently has 2 blankies (her regular purple one and a green one I used to refer to as her cold-weather blanket, but she fondly calls "geen.") and balls them up to bring them along as well. Maddie the Monkey always comes along, of course, but there Bella Bear, Nemo, Gaf, elephant, Twacks (her blue baby moose), etc. When one falls though - oh my goodness! - it's quite the thing to deal with having to pick it up and juggle everything else, but it is SO cute.

2. Phone calls. She loves to talk on the phone. I used to mock (nicely) my mother when I was a toddler and pick up the phone and say, "Hi, Zoey! (mom had a friend named Joey) Blah, blah, blah, blah" and Fuss does something similar sometimes. But when the phone actually does ring she starts to insist "heh-doh!, heh-doh!" regardless of who is on the other end. She usually gets her way when it's family or close friends, but depending on who it is, she won't often say more than "heh-doh!" or "Hi!" and more often than not, her yes and no's are in the form of head nods instead of verbal communication.

3. She likes to "help" feed the puppies. What we let her do it carry the cup full of food (she she puts up a running commentary on what color the pieces are) from the closet to the sun room where the dogs eat.

4. She says "bye bye" to inanimate objects, especially in in stores (actually, a technique that my husband came up with when we want her to put down an object we let her hold previously - it works pretty well! But she's started doing it no matter whether it's our choice or not) and characters on TV.

5. She tries to put on her own socks. She's not very good at it.

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