Wednesday, March 17, 2010


So remember that headache I mentioned so casually yesterday? The one that later on kicked my butt when it morphed into a horrible migraine. Yeah. That was the downfall in the complete media fast for all members of the household. Because I couldn't sleep it off and I needed to take a pill (which I wasn't sure was A) going to work and B) going to make me loopy) since my husband couldn't get home from work. So when Fuss woke up from her nap, with the blessing of my husband, I put on Monster's, Inc for her (her favorite movie and the one thing guaranteed to keep her still and mostly quiet for 90 minutes) and laid back on the couch. (For me, a dark room is preferable, but it wasn't happening. Fuss had a fit when I tried to bring her into my dark room when she woke and then I couldn't get the picture on the TV in my room to show when I caved to letting her watch her movie. It was anything but dark in my living room, so I ended up wearing my sleep mask for awhile just to block the light. If I hadn't been hurting so bad, I would have felt ridiculous. :)

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