Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A day

I'm a little late in the day, here, but geez, it's been a day.

I think I started to feel some Braxton Hicks last night and they were way more troublesome than I expected them to be at this stage in the game. My midwife had told me that I could start feeling them this early, but I figured, they would be mild and not terribly painful. Apparently not. I was quite uncomfortable.

Today, I've been continuing to be rather uncomfortable - mildly crampy, achy in back and stomach area. It's not being helped by the up and down desires of my crazy 2-year-old. She's been a bit of a handful today, but mostly she's been happy (until post-nap when she woke up crying and has hardly stopped. Shouldn't the nap make her HAPPIER? I know it has that effect on me.)

But she's pretty in pink today.

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