Monday, March 22, 2010

Alright, I've learned my lesson... and I told you so!

In part one of today's post, I will mention our media diet and how we have agreed to relax the rules slightly.
I've learned my lesson. I have learned that I need to watch less TV. There needs be less of it on, in general and only when there is something specific on that I want to see. This applies to pretty much every aspect of the day - I don't need to have it on in the morning simply for background noise when all I really need to see is 3 minutes of the weather report. I don't need to turn it on when I get home from work to listen to noise in the background, especially when I don't even care about the programs that are on.
So, my husband I have decided to relax the rules for the rest of the 4 weeks and we're only watching a maximum of 2 hours per week of TV. This allows me to get my weather report in the mornings, watch Lost and the occasional bit of our latest DVD from I'm also going to allow Fuss to watch an occasional one of her shows, but even that had gotten out of hand in recent weeks and she was watching way too much TV.

In other news, my dad came over on Sunday to look at our garage and see what our options were for enclosing the garage and adding a half bath, etc. (I really really want a 2nd toilet in our house. You have no idea how much I want this.)
But in the end, we discovered that the bathroom idea isn't going to be quite as easy as we had hoped. (like everything else in this house, they took short cuts in the plumbing and it just won't be as simple as we had hoped.) So then he starts telling me how he thinks it might be better to enclose our sunroom and turn THAT into a bedroom, which I had said several years ago (I had also talked about adding on at the time, but regardless, he was the one who kept pushing for the garage, so I'm a little frustrated that he wouldn't just LISTEN to my ideas way back when.) So we did some measuring and some talking about the details and I think we're going to end up with more space that way and in the long run, it will be best. I am still a little frustrated that we will be moving our master bedroom further away from the bathroom and we won't have an extra bathroom (or half bath) which was my initial point of this whole thing, but the 3rd bedroom is the main priority, so now we just have to get the sunroom cleaned up and out and get things moving along. My dad said that we could still attempt to do the bathroom idea, but that it would likely need to be a separate project and would take more time than we really have available before Fry arrives, so it will need to be delayed for now.

Either way, I'm excited that we seem to be moving forward with this. Here's to hoping it all goes smoothly!

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