Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 3

I'm afraid I'm skipping 10 on Tuesday this week (but I only feel mildly guilty since Chelsea is skipping it too!) to whine for a minute about how HARD it is to keep my 2 year old from driving me nuts without the help of even a tiny bit of TV. Plus, I have a raging headache and my lunch plans got canceled at the last minute, so this is already a rough day and I'm only to lunch time.

I can do the no-TV thing. It's not my favorite way to pass the time, but it's certainly doable. I'm getting more things accomplished and Daddy Fuss and I had a great conversation last night, so all-in-all things aren't so bad as far as the adults in the house go.

It's a little rougher when we add in Fuss.

She likes certain shows and a couple of movies and she REALLY loves the time that she gets to watch her shows and the snuggle time when she convinces me to put on a Disney movie and watch it with her. We're still snuggling, of course, but with books instead and she keeps asking for her TV friends... "George?" she says. "Emmy? Ciff-erd?" she requests so sweetly. "Veggie Tales? Cummer? Bob-Tato?" she implores. "Monsers INK! Mike! Suh-wee! BOO!" she begs.

In other news, somehow she convinced me to let her wear panties this morning (late morning. Like 10:45) It's 12:00 now and so far, so good, though she can't seem to tell me the correct answer when I ask if she is wet or if she went pee-pee in her panties. (The answer is usually yes, but then I check and actually, no, she's still dry.) I won't be leaving them on through naptime (disaster in the making, I am sure), but for now... She also had to put them on "SELF" this morning (she loves to do things herself - my Miss Independent.)

Off to go hide my aching head in a dark room. Or not. What really stinks is that I have a prescription pain killer that is safe during pregnancy, but I'm scared to take it the first time when I have to take care of Fuss without help. (Causes dizzyness is written all over the bottle) I've really been hoping to take it the first time when Daddy Fuss is around, but it hasn't worked out.

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