Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Tuesday that was almost Thursday

I dreamt that today was Wednesday and then “realized” it was Thursday. I then was thinking that if it’s Thursday and I haven’t started spotting, I might be pregnant. Imagine my surprise when I realized it was actually Tuesday. I was very disappointed.

My breasts are getting a little sore, but not overly. I’ve had more twinges of pain in my ovarian region today. Someone suggested that since I’m on the late side of average for ovulation and the early side of average for cycle length that I should see about getting a 7DPO progesterone draw to make sure all is well. Don’t you wish doctors would do things like simple blood tests early in the trying game so you wouldn’t have to waste so much time fretting and waiting? I figure I’ll give it 2 more months (April and May) and then if nothing changes, I will go see my dear OB/GYN – (love her!) and talk her into testing my progesterone. Depending on the frustration levels, however, I may not make it until May.

On a happy note, my intercourse score for fertile time was rated “High” this month. You can imagine that Dear Husband was pretty happy, as well.

Happy 7th birthday to my nephew C! I love you, buddy!

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