Tuesday, March 6, 2007


Yup, that’s right. BFN – but I hadn’t even gotten to that point yet. I was planning to wait until Monday to test at the earliest, since that would have meant that I was a 3 days later than last month, but Sunday AF came with a vengence and I was flat on my back moaning with cramps for most of Sunday afternoon. The good news is, I’m back to a more normal length cycle. Maybe I can stop worrying about that aspect of this deal. I was bummed a little, but it was somewhat expected since I had started the faintest bit of spotting on Saturday night.

In non-cycle news: Mr Moose is out of town again. He’s back in Indy for a total of 3 days, but no snow is forecasted. He comes home tomorrow night. I can’t wait.

We spent time in the yard on Sunday for an hour or so – we planted these beautiful red Gerbera daisies around our mailbox in the front (the only part of our front yard that actually gets full sun year-round) and I think it looks adorable and friendly (as Meg Ryan said, “don’t you think daisies are the friendliest flowers?”) and makes it look like someone actually lives there. While the lawn had been reasonably kept up by a hired service, the plants, etc that were in front of the house look over grown and random. Not much sun, since we face the north and so everything that grows gets leggy and we’re attempting to pull it all out and start over. Native plants (my mom and step-dad who are card carrying members of the Florida Native Plant Society are so proud) mostly. I also potted a beautiful peach-colored gerbera daisy and put it in the back yard. I never had a huge thing for gerberas until my childhood best friend, Katie got married last fall and had them in all her centerpieces. They looked so beautiful.

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