Monday, March 26, 2007

Guilty Pleasures & Cycle updates.

Thanks to Julia for inspiring me to write about guilty pleasures.
Guilty pleasures of mine:
1. Trashy modern romances. I particularly love those by Chris.tina Sky.e that involve a Navy SEAL team which had been genetically altered to have super-human powers, those that take place in Scotland and a few trilogies by Nor.a Robe.rts (NOT J.D
2. Historical fiction/pseudo biographies about the sordid royals of Europe. Recently I’ve been obsessed with the Tudor line (Elizabeth, Anne Boleyn, Katherine of Aragon, etc.) but also Marie Antoinette and Catherine the Great.
3. French Fries, particularly those with lots of salt and/or cheese food to dip them in. The best by themselves are McDonalds, the best with cheese food are Steak’n’Shake. And then there are steakhouse cheese fries. Chuck and I kept the Lonestar by our old apartment in business for months based entirely on our frequent consumption of cheese fries. Yum.
4. Soap Operas and their magazines (see previous entry regarding the TV shows)
5. Lifetime Movies. Oh, come on – everyone watches them. Lifetime wouldn’t have 3 different cable stations if I were the only one.

I learned of a formula for adjusting temperatures based on when you usually wake vs waking up early. I adjusted one of my worst temps and it threw my chart to where I felt it should be. I'm 8 DPO. With my period due either Thursday or Friday. I’ve had some twinges in my abdomen in the last few days, so it could be implantation or early menstral.

I had a weird dream last night about my childhood next door neighbor moving down the street to the large old creepy house that two (they were twins) of my earliest baby-sitters used to live in. They used to have this indoor pond in their entryway complete with a waterfall and Koi swimming around. Marcelle and Monica used to let me feed the fish when I would come over. Have no idea what made me think of that. Weird.

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