Tuesday, March 20, 2007

1 DPO?

I’m incredibly hormonal today. I started out the day pissy, I talked myself into getting better and my boss just pushed be back to pissy. Not bad for 9:30AM. I may or may not have o-ed. My temp this AM was down after my big jump yesterday, but I’m not sure it was accurate, as I think I’d been awake for too long and I was really cold. I’m having difficulty regulating the temp in my bedroom. I’m hot when we go to bed, so we turn up the fan and I love to sleep with covers on, but by morning – I’m freezing cold because the fan is up too high. And I seem to be waking up an hour or more before the alarm goes off and I can’t go back to sleep very easily. Yesterday, that worked to the advantage of my husband (he was awakened by “sleepy sex”), but today… I thought seriously about calling in to work today and didn’t since several co-workers are on vacation and I cover for them. I’m seriously regretting that decision right now.

At what point do you determine that your job is doing more harm than good? If it’s the stress of your job that is preventing you from getting pregnant or having a healthy pregnancy, what do you do? I feel like I haven’t had a “good week” at work in ages. I’m stressed, I’m angry, I’m irritated. Should I throw in the towel? Start looking elsewhere? Usually, I like my job, but lately… I’m not so sure.

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