Wednesday, March 14, 2007

TV Addictions

Blogger Heather at Unexplain This! Blogged this week about TV addictions: the secret addictions that you don’t want anyone to know about. Funny isn’t it that no one admits to watching these shows, but they must have decent ratings or they wouldn’t still be on…
I have also decided to confess my TV habits.

Wildfire of ABC-Family. Call it a regression to my 10-year-old horse-loving days, or call it that I like to look at pretty, shiny people. Whatever. Mr Moose hates it, so I DVR it and watch when he’s doing other things.

One Tree Hill: Not so much lately (especially since it’s been tossed for another show right now) but I used to be really into this. Again, the pretty, shiny people. I have a bit of a crush on Sophia Bush. She’s so incredibly glamorous and I’m amazed that she can still sizzle on-screen with her ex-husband. I also love her voice.

Soap Operas: As a kid, I got hooked on Days of Our Lives (love that Sami Brady) and General Hospital (Carly and Sonny, Brenda and whomever, Liz and Lucky… I could go on, but I’ll spare you). When we got SoapNet I started watching the other ABC soaps (All My Children and One Life To Live) and have gotten addicted to them as well. Again, Chuck hates this. We had a deal for awhile that I would give up soaps and he would give up his computer game – something to do with Madden Football. I recorded two episodes of OLTL this week because I wanted to see who Jessica chose – Nash or Antonio (I actually can’t stand Antonio. I’m totally rooting for Nash), but I did my best not to get hooked into other stories and fast forwarded through the other storylines. Again, pretty, shiny people. I love to read interviews and check out their hair and make-up and find out about their lives. I love Bree Williamson, Alison Sweeny, Rebecca Herbst, Alicia Minshew, Nancy Lee Grahn, Kirsten Storms, etc. I also think that having a new script every day of the week takes more talent than daytime actors get credit for. I even had s subscription to Soap Opera Digest for awhile (great bathroom reading).

America’s Next Top Model: My only reality TV show. I watched the first couple of seasons and then got a life. I watched Adrian and Yoanna win and followed Cycle 3 for a bit, but had no idea who won for awhile. I recently watched a marathon of last season (7) – back-to-back episodes, all day long. CariDee won. I can’t help it. Even more pretty, shiny people – plus make-up, hair, make-overs and modeling? How can I resist.

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