Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Post-Christmas Post

Saturday and Sunday were spent getting ready for Christmas, with the brief interruption and disappointment from my negative test on Sunday morning.

Christmas Eve day we met Mr Moose’s sisters, BIL, and mom at Joto’s – our local pizza place (they have the best garlic breadsticks EVER) for lunch since we had minimal things left to do around the house. Mr Moose conned the waitress into letting him switch the TV to the Jaguars game instead of the Bucs game, and we enjoyed our greasy pizza. That evening, we shared our first Christmas Eve without projectile vomiting (last year, he contracted a 12-hour food bug and spent all of Christmas Eve night vomiting in the bathroom). We each opened a present (his was a book, mine was the previously alluded to VS lingerie) and we had a beautiful “adult” Christmas Eve celebration. Later, we drank egg nog and watched Miracle on 34th Street (Mr Moose’s first time). What was odd, however, was that we turned it on half way through the black and white version, so I had to catch him up during the commercials. But when that ended, the same station showed it in color, so we watched the first half in color until Mr Moose had seen the whole thing, albeit, in a strange manner.

Christmas morning, we woke up to our usual 6:25am alarm because we had forgotten to turn off the weekday alarm function on our alarm clock. That’s okay, I was ready to get up anyway. Sometimes I’m just like a little kid on Christmas morning. We opened our gifts to each other – I gave him a couple of books including The Gun Seller by Hugh Laurie, one of his favorite actors. His main present was the DVD, director’s cut of 1776 – an amusing musical version of the events surrounding the Declaration of Independence. Incidentally, John Adams in the movie later became the second president of the United States, a talking car, a 6th grade history teacher turned high school principal, etc. (You can find out what I’m talking about here). He gave me a beautiful pair of sapphire earrings (he went to Jared’s), a bottle of Burberry Brit perfume and a couple of books I’ve been wanting.

We stuffed the turkey (named Gilbert the Gobbler) and started that and continued our day-of prep. We ended up having more down time in the AM than I had expected until people showed up. I’m going to try and post some pictures of the tables all set up later if I can get Mr Moose to unload them from the camera).

Once everyone showed up, it all went fairly well. There was some mild chaos surrounding the gravy my Gramma was making (she thought we wouldn’t have enough, there was WAY too much in the end), mashed potatoes (mom forgot the milk and we only had a bit of half’n’1/2 left), etc. But the turkey was good (our first one) and I think everyone had enough to eat and was happy and satisfied. My stomach even behaved itself for the day, which was amazing and I was a bit worried about for awhile, seeing as we have only one bathroom. I think my dad got a bit bored at the end, but he probably wanted to take a nap and there was no room for that at my house, so he left shortly after presents were handed out and opened. Mr Moose got a Cappucino and esspresso maker from my Gramma, so he’s thrilled. My mother bought me some great Gilmore Girl’s coffee mugs, including one that says “People are entirely too stupid today, I cannot talk to anymore of them,” one of my favorite Gilmore-isms from the very first episode. She also gave me some fantastic earrings which I love and a whole lot of other stuff as well. We thank you Mom and *Doc*, Gramma W, Grandma V, Daddy, Mom C, L&L, J and LP, and Norma for the fantastic Christmas and all the wonderful presents.

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