Friday, December 22, 2006

A most boring day at work

We had to work a full day at the office today because we had a big proposal to get out that HAD to be done TODAY. Both bosses took the day off, so it was just us underlings. We worked and worked on finishing up the proposal, with almost no one getting any work done except those helping to package and stuff and collate, finally finishing around 4:00. What a boring and useless day. And I had to use $20 of the Agency¹s money to buy a BOX. A freaking cardboard box that cost TWENTY DOLLARS. UPS is a rip off in that department. Whatever. Mr Moose got to get off at 12 and is supposed to have spent the afternoon doing useful things like errands, cleaning, buying some surprise present for me, which I suspect is from Victoria¹s Secret and picking up the dogs from getting their holiday haircuts.

Have I mentioned my dogs yet?

We both came into the marriage with a dog. Mr Moose has Buck (short for Starbuck, the literary character, not the coffee company), a black mostly-cocker spaniel (with a little hound, we think. We refer to him as a Spound) who is rolly polly, always hungry and always in the mood for pets and snuggles and general attention. He¹s very good natured unless you come near his food. My dog, Murphy (called Murphy the Moo or just ³Moo²) is a tri-color Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He¹s a cutie. He¹s become
more sociable of late, which is good because he used to be shy and hate men.
Neither of them were meant to be apartment dogs because they love to run and bark, so the year we lived in the apartment was bad. They love the big backyard.

Ooh, we just talked the ranking member of the office into letting us out
early. Merry Christmas everyone!

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