Monday, December 11, 2006

What I did this weekend

I scored some free tickets to the Nutcracker on Friday through the graciousness of one of my co-workers. A vendor gave them to him and he gave them away. Decent seats and I had never seen it live before, so it was great fun. My mother played th record of The Nutcracker Suite to me in the womb, so I love the music. Mr Moose went with me willingly, but was unimpressed by the end of the first act. He changed his mind when the serious dancing began in Act 2. Wow. So beautiful. I highly recommend it. We had to rush through dinner, but we got a Thai appetizer sampler and a sushi roll and that was good. I talked him into stopping at Chili's for dessert afterwards. It was SO cold. The coldest weekend, so far.

We actually spent Saturday at Disney - we had these passes from our anniversary weekend and I wanted to see Candlelight - for the first time in the audience instead of performing it. I had forgotten that you need to make the show and meal reservations to get a seat, but that was okay. So we spent Saturday "drinking around the world" (well, Mr Moose did. I had a margarita in Mexico and a shot of limoncello in Italy) in EPCOT. It was fun. We stayed at the Disney Pop Century Resort, one of the newer economy Disney hotels. I loved it. They offer buses to and from the parks all day, so you don't have to pay for parking or anything like that. It's great.

Sunday we used our Sea World fun pass for a few hours at Sea World. Mr Moose saw Shamu for the first time in his memory and I was amazed at the show... maybe as a kid you don't think about the magnitude of the fact that these are KILLER WHALES thay are playing with. When asked how they train them one of the trainers commented "we don't tell them to do things, we ASK them very politely." It was a great show. I loved it. Also, highly recommended.

Last week I had my pre-prenatal OB/GYN appointment. Liz (my Dr) told me to start taking prescription strength prenatal vitamins and gave me samples to try out. The first set made me queasy. I'm not even pregnant and they made me queasy, how is a pregnant woman supposed to take them? I'm trying new ones today. Hopefully, they will be better.

We've had 3 friends have baby boys in the last month. Mr Moose's cousin, an old co-worker, G and another former co-worker, P. Trying to buy baby gifts from multiple registries at Target... difficult. They have to do multiple transactions. Word to the wise if you're surrounded by baby-makers.

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