Monday, December 18, 2006

Weekend Craziness

I haven’t blogged in a few days because I’ve been very busy.

Thursday – I don’t remember Thursday that well. I got my period and declared myself not pregnant. Beyond that, I don’t have a clue what I did.

Friday was my office Christmas party. After dealing with the stress of the morning trying to finish up the details while my boss slowly worked to drive me crazy, it was a good lunch event. I gave a shirt to our copywriter, my buddy S that says “Bad grammar makes me (sic)” and I got a great “New Home 2006” ornament from my friend S, our bookkeeper in our gift exchange. The Agency gift I scored was this really cool picnic kit. I had had my eye on it, so I was pretty excited when they pulled my name for it. They let us go home after lunch at about 2:00. S and I were both supremely glad to be out and escaped pretty much as soon as we could. I spent the rest of the afternoon doing some Christmas shopping (mom) and wrapping (mom and Mr Moose). However, my period stopped. I had no flow on Friday. Very strange.

Over the weekend, Mr Moose was planning to work on painting the roof with sealant and I was going to do round 2 of Christmas baking. I’ve really been slacking off since the 2 weekends I would have usually done my baking we were out of town (Thanksgiving and last weekend). However, we ended up running errands and finishing our Christmas shopping instead. Mom and Dad are both done, Mr Moose’s sock is full to over flowing, my Gramma (not a spelling error. That’s what I call her, so that’s how I spell it) is done, *Doc* (my stepdad) is done. His mom and sister are done and his BIL is done (we did a sibling gift exchange. He had to buy for one sister and I had to buy for BIL). I guess that’s it. We sent a Popcorn Factory basket to his old work and his friends there. I had the tiniest bit of spotting during the weekend, but almost not enough to count.

I’ve been nauseous on an almost daily basis. I’m starting to wonder if I might be pregnant. I took an HPT on Saturday and it was negative. But I have some of the possible pregnant symptoms, so who knows? I’m going to wait a little longer to test again, I think. We shall see. One of the other early pregnancy symptoms is heartburn and I’ve been having a lot of unexplained heartburn lately. Yuck. I hate heartburn. I was starting to think that really this mild nausea isn’t so bad and I could handle it if that was going to be my morning sickness, but then I started to whine inwardly “If I’m going to feel like this, I wish I would just throw up and get it over with.” Maybe daily nausea is just as bad as vomiting. WebMD seems to think there is a possibility that I am pregnant based on the check list of symptoms. The rest of the internet is useless. I search for “light period” and I get a bunch of women asking about light periods, but no answers.

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