Friday, December 8, 2006


How boring can I be? I want to do this blog because I've found myself fascinted by the few that I've discovered over the past months. I'm really into a couple of personal finance blogs (I know - me!), a baby naming blog/forum, a blog about a lady with 2 kids and an infertility blog. Random, huh? But what can I say. I have varied interests.
I'm a reader, I'm into movies and TV (I'm good at the 6 degrees games) and I love music.
I'm married. We just bought a house, which we're slowly trying to update and make pretty and we're soon going to start trying to start a family (but not yet).
I'm an only child with an adopted sister of the heart. She is older than me, married with 3 kids whom I adore. I would have stolen my oldest nephew from her if I could have figured out how. They live in Sweden as missionaries and I haven't even met my nearly one-year-old (December 20th) niece yet. They're coming in the spring and I can't wait. I haven't seen them since my wedding 18 months ago.
I'm a FLorida native, so when i talk about the weather, keep in mind that the coldest I can remember is about 30 degrees. And that was once, very briefly, years ago.

So, if anyone reads this, enjoy. Feel free to leave a comment or say hi or whatever.

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