Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Advice my sister gave me

My sister recently gave me some advice:

Have in-law or family troubles? Move to Sweden! You never have to deal with them, and on the rare occasions that you do, you actually want o!

Have stress? Take a walk and SING. Somehow, music makes everything better.

To some, the above ideas are silly and random. However, my sister and her husband and their 3 children are missionaries in Sweden (the way to avoid her in-laws, tick them off and also do the world some good while giving their children an awesome experience). Also, in my family music seems to be therapeutic. I’m not much in to walking, but I do love to put on some music in the car and belt it out when I’m stressed. So I can totally see her point.

A note about my sister:
We are not at all biologically related; instead we chose each other and are sisters of the heart. (There was a great quote about that on Grey’s Anatomy the other week where Meredith talked about Cristina being her sister, but I accidentally dumped it from Tivo before writing it down, so now I have to wait for the rerun of that episode or try and find it on IMDb). However, I think of my sister as one of the world’s greatest people. She is sweet and kind, talented and funny, caring and compassionate and incredibly beautiful. People like to be around her, even after only briefly meeting her. She’s just a wonderful person overall. Not to say that she doesn’t have her faults, it’s just that they are few and far between most of the time and I really can’t think of any at the moment. (Obviously, we didn’t grow up n the same household). She has 3 children, ages 6.5, 4 and 1 (well, she’ll be 1 year old tomorrow). I adore them. Her oldest was the first baby I fell in love with. Made me KNOW without a doubt that I wanted children of my own. Everyone thinks they are mine when we are together because the boys have red hair, as do I and my sister is blonde and my BIL is brunette.

Today I started on some of the responsibilities that will come with my new promotion (if it ever appears). I'm supposed to be being promoted to Agency Coordinator after the first of the year. So, today at the pushing of the boss, I began helping out in the billing department which is one of 4 departments that I will be assisting in my new job. This is all well and good because I LOVE our bookkeeper, S who I am to assist in this regard. However, i am increasingly concerned that this new position is merely a carrot on a stick and my current responsibilities will remain and the new responsibilities will merely be added to the 6 job titles (yes, 6) I already have. I was hired to be a combination receptionist/assistant to the President (he dictates, i type, etc.). That grew into HR, Office manager (what it says on my business cards), Level 1 IT Support and Media Assistant. They like to keep me hopping.

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