Monday, December 11, 2006

Holiday shopping

I've been trying to do more online shopping this year after many articles on the personal finance blogs I read have talked about how hard it is to go shopping without buying something for yourself and thus, spending money you don't have and making it harder for those buying for you.
Anyway, I keep getting these catalogs. I get them at work and at home and in my email. I love catalogs. I love mail and I love shopping, so what's not to love about catalogs? We got a Popcorn Factory catalog with these great holiday gift baskets for all these yummy snacks. We're planning to order one for Mr Moose's former workplace since 2 of his best friends work there and they occasionally pass photo work his way. But I can't help it - I want one, too. I've always loved those things. Last year we got half a dozen of them at the office and I was SOOOO excited by this. I had never really gotten a professional edible treats basket before. I was shopping for my mother and found the most adorable jacket in Coldwater Creek... I was shopping for her online and fell in love with the Girlmore Girls themed t-shirts from Cafe Press, too. But. I. Can't. Buy. Stuff. For. Myself.

So what do I want to do about all these options?

I remember thinking that I was finally an adult the first year I was more excited about the gifts I was giving than the ones I was going to get. I think maybe I have regressed.

My grandmother and step-father are done and my gift for the in-law family gift exchange was ordered from Amazon last night. Now, what to do about my mother...

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