Monday, October 24, 2011

Busy, busy and emptying out!

It's 9:30 and I have already changed 3 diapers - 2 of them poopy, wiped one poopy bottom, and cleaned up a puddle of pee on the floor and 2 yogurt messes. It's going to be one of THOSE days.

I ignored my business responsibilities this weekend and didn't make any calls that I should have made. But you know, it happens. We had a very successful weekend - had a garage sale on Saturday and got rid of a ton of junk and made some money in the process. We then purged and emptied another section of the main room in the house - so now things around my desk are much more organized and clear. I know one part of the party order I just submitted is already on it's way! (a direct ship order) But that probably means that the rest of the order is coming along, too and I'm so excited to get it!!!

We had a few cool days recently, weather-wise. I actually had the opportunity to put the kids in a few of their warmer clothes and I broke out one of my long-sleeved tees for the garage sale the other day. It's fun to see the new stuff.

I got Fuss's new tights for ballet in the mail and the new Children's Place order I ordered for her - a couple of dancing themed shirts, some leggings, and a tutu-like skirt to wear over leggings. She looks ADORABLE in it. And she LOVES it, so score one for mom. The Little Man has a couple of hoodies that are keeping him warm and I got both of the items I had to have for their Halloween costumes this weekend, too. (Her new tights have an opening in the bottom so that they can be peeled back off her foot when she's not wearing her dancing shoes. Reminds me of the footless tights the more advanced students in my own ballet school wore - I was so jealous. I thought they were SO cool.) But I'm hoping that these are more comfortable for her - they seem like they are WAY better quality, so here's hoping they last longer.

I am loving the need to purge all the junk and unused items in my house. My husband is very supportive. I even sold a table that I had an emotional attachment to, but was really just taking up space in my home at the garage sale. It wasn't useful to me, and when someone made me a good offer, I took it. My husband was surprised, but pleased. I am just so over having all this stuff taking up space. I haven't purged all my knick knacks yet, but things are thinning out.

I also sold my Christmas wreath at the garage sale - which means I get to buy a new one!!! I'm sort of psyched about that!

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