Monday, October 17, 2011

Follow up

So, the party was a success, overall. My "booking game" backfired since the only 3 people who drew the "book a party" cards were my 3 in-laws who probably won't do it, or at best, will only do a book party. But oh well. I did get one booking during the night and another call from a friend who couldn't make it saying she wanted to book a party, so there's that.

I had several last minute cancellations - including one from one of my closest friends, a lame "something came up" text 30 minutes before the party started. And several no-shows. But all my in-laws showed up (and they were only maybes) and one friend brought a friend, so... overall we did good. The sales will put me more than half way to my minimum Start Swell goal. And I have 2 more official parties before that deadline and a book party closing and an informal showing... so I think I will totally make it!

I have follow-ups to do this week. I have to check in with those who said they were going to do outside orders and haven't yet followed through and those who took the catalog home with them to decide. I feel like I got a good start and now have some things to follow up on. They claim the key to success is 3 (calls per day) 2 (parties per week) 1 (recruit per month, though I don't care so much about the recruits at this point. I won't turn them down, but I'm trying not to make a big push at this point.) But up until now I've felt like I would be completely cold-calling people if I called them up and were talking about booking or ordering.

My 2 best friends didn't show up. But my 2 oldest friends did, despite the fact that they both had to come from other counties (and one of them drove 2 hours each way to be here.) I got really upset about the one at the last minute and I'm sort of pissed about the other in general. How can someone who calls herself your best friend just not make ANY effort to support you in something that you're really excited about? I don't get it.

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  1. I'm glad it went well! I hope your friends come around and start being more supportive.