Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Looking Up, Business-wise

I visited my husband's work yesterday with the kids and passed out some more of my business cards and left a catalog and order forms with my husband. We had invited several people to the party already and some mentioned that they would be coming and some mentioned that they would have outside orders. I also got an outside order from an old friend who is going out of town, so that's 2 before the party even happens! Things are looking up.

If all the confirmed and all the maybes show up, I'll have 15 people attending plus up to 5 outside orders that have already been mentioned to me! I'm psyched. I'm sending the packet for a book party today and I have a casual showing next weekend as well.

One of my closest friends works with my husband and I asked her yesterday if she was coming. She told me that one of her friends from the office had said "are you going? Because if you go, I'll go," and M answered "well, she's my friend so I kind of have to." I think she was joking around, but I'm finding it hard to stop thinking about those words the way they COULD be interpreted. She's one of my closest friends. We've grown very close over the last 3 years and she's dealing with some major things in her life and I've supported her through thick and thin lately. I would have thought she would want to support me, would want to encourage me. Because that would be MY attitude if the situation were reversed.

Meanwhile, my best friend still hasn't committed to coming, technically. And then she casually mentioned that her step-son's mom is also starting out selling the same stuff and I'm a little livid. Not at the step-son's mom - because she can do what she wants, I'm certainly not the only person selling this stuff! - but if my best friend doesn't show up to my party and does buy something from her, I'm going to be really, really pissed. But, I'm not going to borrow trouble, so I'm just going to move forward and see what happens.

I'm feeling very encouraged right now. I feel like things are moving forward and things are coming a long. I feel like this just might work after all. And I am SO excited to be doing something new, something I believe in. I'm ready. I'm still a little nervous, but I seriously think I can pull it off.

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  1. Yay, I'm glad things are looking up! I hope the party goes really well.