Friday, October 14, 2011

Quick Takes

1. I got peed on at 4:45am today. It was not the start to the day I was hoping for.

2. The good news is that my day did get better.

3. I hurried around this morning and got ready for MOPS which was fun and mostly snag-free. I got some feedback from my church friends regarding the party tomorrow - and even have another outside order coming in.

4. I had a chiropractor appointment this afternoon to (hopefully) fix the problem I was having in my back. When he tried to adjust me, it didn't work right or something, so he made me sit with ice on my back for 5+ minutes. It was COLD. But then the adjustment seemed to work and I'm hoping for some improvement.

5. I'm sort of psyched about tomorrow. I've been practicing more than I would have if this were a school project (not that that is saying much - I was known to do very well on off-the-cuff oral presentations in high school, but I'm seriously out of practice, so I think it's best to practice.) and I have a written opening and tons of notes. I really think it should go well.

6. Neither kid got more than about 20 minutes worth of napping today because of all our running around. I'm looking forward to a good nights' sleep tonight for the first time all week. (the baby has been waking in the 5 o'clock hour and today went even earlier (see Quick Take #1) and I've been yawning all day long.

7. My Fuss has a best friend. It makes my heart happy to see them together, how they play together so well and how they love each other. It also makes me happy that her BFF's mom is a good friend of mine. So play dates? They're awesome. :)

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