Thursday, October 13, 2011

"Mastering" the art of sales and early rising

I'm starting to figure out how to do this Direct Sales thing. You have to be friendly and a little pushy. But not too pushy or you'll be off-putting. So you make extra phone calls. And you send extra emails. And you mention your party/business/event slightly more often than is natural. And you bring it up. And up. And up.

Yesterday, I made a couple of phone calls to the people who said "maybe" but I knew were leaning against it. I left upbeat messages about how much I was looking forward to seeing them at my party. I sent emails and FB messages to others who hadn't RSVPed. I implied that I was assuming that they were coming. (because isn't that what you have to assume when someone doesn't RSVP? Otherwise if they show, you don't have enough stuff/food/supplies for them.)

I'm up to somewhere near 20 if all the maybes come and people bring the friends that they have mentioned they will be bringing.

There are also about 10 more people I haven't heard from. So things are going well.

The baby keeps waking in the 5 o'clock hour every morning. Mostly, he'll go back to sleep if we pull him into bed with us, but then I don't get as good sleep as I do when he's not there. He's gotten big and he twitches. And the last two mornings, my brain has kicked in and I can't go back to sleep. I'm sitting here at 8:20 and my eyes are SO heavy and I'm sleepy. But I've been up for 3 hours and I have Bible study this morning (which reminds me, I have to make the kids a sack lunch for today, so I'd better wrap this up.) so I can't go back to bed, even if I wanted to.


  1. This is why I'd be bad at direct sales. I hate being pushy and don't like calling people.

  2. Oh, I hate it too. I was always taught how to be extremely polite in social situations, and I'm never pushy. And I hate talking on the phone to people I'm not comfortable with. As a matter of fact, I was all set to do everything by email thinking "I'll be the refreshing person who makes it easy on them and they'll still respond!" but no - you have to do it, you have to make the calls and you have to have to learn the art of being pushy without being too pushy - I'm working on it. But I think I've got the basic gist of it.