Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend in review

We had a nice weekend, full of family time and productivity. We did another "unplugged" Sunday, which was nice, but also... by the end of the day I was really ready for some TV or a movie. I have really cut back on my own TV watching this week, so by Sunday night I was ready. But we stuck to our plan and I made it through the evening without TV. But I am starting to think that Fuss thinks it's a punishment instead of a break from the norm or whatever. We're trying to explain it, but...

I got my consultant kit from Thirty-one and I'm psyched! I also got my new business cards and labels, so I'm in business! My Kick Off Party is this Saturday and I'm a little nervous and also very excited. I've gotten a few more responses, some yeses and some nos, but at least more people are responding. And my SIL LB (from NC) has already given me an order, so I've officially had my first sale! And I've had a couple more people tell me they will check out the website and a few more commit to some orders. And as long as I can get a couple of bookings, I'm good.

We have another busy week ahead - MOPS, my Bible study, and party prep, of course. I have to assemble my customer, hostess, and recruiting packets and I need to continue to purge all the JUNK in my house for the garage sale we are having in 2 weeks. I am DONE with having all this STUFF in my house and we've been making some nice dents lately. I am just ready to be organized and it's frustrating to not have it be done with a snap of my fingers. Of course, I've been collecting things for 31 years, it's very likely to take at least SOME time to sort and purge!

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  1. I'm also desperate to get rid of stuff. Part of the reason I'm going crazy is there is stuff EVERYWHERE.