Wednesday, October 13, 2010

There's Gunna Be a Weddin' (or 2)

My step-brothers are getting married on Saturday. Sort of.

You see, 2 out of my 3 step-brothers (we didn't grow up together, but they are step-siblings nonetheless - I was married before our parents got married) are in the military. Over the past 18 months, they both eloped with their respective significant others. E and Bri have let people know about their spur of the moment Vegas nuptials, but had always planned to have a formal wedding once E returned from deployment. T and Brooke have tried to keep their courthouse wedding a secret - and only the immediate family knows about it (well, and the powers that be in the military 'cuz you have to tell them that stuff) and even then, they only came clean months after the event. Regardless, they are have individual ceremonies back to back and a joint reception immediately following this Saturday.

We have a babysitter for Fuss, but I am bringing the baby with me because I just can't leave him that long in the evenings. I found a dress that should be possible to nurse in (I really should practice that... hmmm) and I am getting my toes and hair done on Saturday (reminder: call for appointments) and possibly my fingers done before then - I have gift certificates from my birthday, but I need to call and see if she has any time that works for me and the kids' schedule, too... I'm looking forward to it, but my mom alternates between having a bad attitude about it (she can't decide if she likes one of the brides sometimes - though I remind her that it A) isn't her choice and B) is too late anyhow) and worrying over my choice to bring the baby to getting excited about dressing up and going out.

I got both couples gift certificates to Bed, Bath, and Beyond for their wedding gifts. T and Brooke are registered there and E and Bri didn't register at all (apparently, she wants money and figured she'd get more money if she didn't ask for specific gifts. I think it's going to bite her in the rear and she's going to get a bunch of tacky gifts she doesn't want. I verified that E's new post town has a BB&B and got them the same thing I got for T and Brooke.

I still need to go back to Payless and buy my shoes. I found some that will work for my purposes, but I didn't buy them because I wasn't in love with them. I need to go back this week and get them.

Now, what color do I paint my nails?

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  1. I also think not registering is a bad idea. If she wants money so badly, why not register, then return the gifts? I think its awful when people do that, but at least she'd get less unreturnable crap.

    Good luck bringing the baby! I would do the same thing.