Monday, October 25, 2010

Just Another Day in Paradise

"There goes the washing machine...
Honey don't kick it
Promise I'll fix it
With about a million other things..."

Well, the washing machine couldn't be fixed. At 11-12 years old (it came with the house, so I'm not precisely sure), my dad said it probably needed to be replaced anyhow. He told us we needed a front-loader (and he should know. he cleans clothes for a living), so we began searching. The Sears Outlet salesman tired to convince us that the only reason for a front-loader was for water savings, but I wasn't so sure. My dad clarified that front-loaders are easier on the clothes and get them cleaner. We got a good deal (even my thrifty dad days so) at Lowes this weekend, while they were having a sale. I still don't have a good dryer, but ours works and I can hold off a bit. A friend suggested looking for a dryer on Black Friday, so I think I'll do that.

Daddy Fuss and I had a fight this weekend. We don't often argue, so it is usually shocking when it happens and lasts for more than 5 minutes. He felt slighted and unloved by something I did/didn't do and once he started talking to me again, we both aired some grievances about the craziness of our lives currently and things improved drastically. It was a crazy-busy weekend and I... I just need things to slow down a bit. I miss the time we used to have together just for fun. Lately, I feel like there are always so many projects and so much to do (kid care included) that in the evenings we are too tired to do much more than watch TV in the same room and fall into bed once the Little Man finally settles down for the night. Even this weekend, we were so booked that while we did have some fun, it was a lot of rushing around like crazy people.

I'm feeling so spacey lately. My short-term memory is horrible and I forget random things all the time. Today as I was rushing around getting dressed to go out, I was knocked out by a horrible pain in my stomach. It has plagued me the bulk of the day thus far and I have avoided eating for the most part. (I'm starting to get really hungry. I don't know how long this will last.) I may have to go get a milkshake to see if I'm just plugged up. I was actually worried at one point that I shouldn't be driving - especially with the kids in the car (I tend to pass out when I have intense stomach pain, though I've learned how to breathe through pain thanks to child birth and haven't passed out in several years, with the exception of my post-birth ordeal), but I got through it and no one was harmed. Hopefully, this will pass quickly.


  1. Sorry your stomach was still hurting! I still haven't eaten today either, and I feel I should but by now it's almost dinner time!

    Christen and I got into an argument last week that I almost posted about to see if I was justified in my irritation, but I didn't. It's usually my fault when we fight and we don't do it often, but this time I'm positive it wasn't me :)

  2. I hope your stomach feels better soon! Unfortunately I know what you mean with the abdominal pain so intense you're not sure you should be driving. I swear lately its felt like I'm
    in labor, but I'm not pregnant! I'm not sure if you can take these while nursing, but anti-gas pills really help for me.

    We included the washer/dryer in our house offer and I've regretted it every day since. I desperately want a front loader and tried to talk hubby into allowing me to get one last year on black friday. Didn't work. He is right, the old one works just fine, but I want a new one!