Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I only run if people are chasing me

This week's 10 on Tuesday is all about working out/exercising, etc. and I... don't. So I'm skipping my participation this week. Maggie has also been talking a lot about upping her exercise of late, and I'm starting to wonder - how much of a slacker am I? I will (hopefully) be returning to walking w/ Jo very soon - (I'd say this week, but am assuming it will be more like next week, since we have MOPs this week and that takes away 2 of her mornings at least). I'm looking forward to that - and to getting back to doing the 3 miles we originally did, but brought down to 1-2 when we were both heavily pregnant and the weather was so hot/humid that I couldn't stand it.

Anyhow, I hate to exercise. I have been wanting to take the kids for a walk in the evenings lately - the weather has been beautiful! - but Daddy Fuss has been getting home so late from work and then we have to eat dinner, so we haven't done that yet. I haven't even gotten to use my double stroller (a used Jeep brand stroller that was a gift from a friend who was done with it). I actually tried one afternoon when the kids and I needed to get out of the house and I couldn't figure out how to get it opened up...


We went to my Best Friend's housewarming party over the weekend. She had a lot of sugar food and a LOT of alcohol. the hosts were hammered, as were many of their friends. Since I had the kids, was nursing Little Man, and was the designated driver (so Daddy Fuss could drink whatever he wanted - he didn't drink a whole lot, really, but I drove home, just in case he was more impaired than he thought he was) I spent half the evening laughing at my friends' antics. There was proof, however, that we're all getting old when the party broke up before 10. Sort of funny, since we used to have parties like this and would be up much, much later.

While we were there, the baby got passed around to a number of friends who were itching to hold a little baby. But it was SO funny that almost all of them were told "don't get any ideas" when they were cooing over how adorable he was and how nice it was to hold a little baby again.

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