Thursday, October 28, 2010

Baby Sleep

I was always nervous about sleeping in bed with my newborn and my husband at the same time. I feel like we 2 adults take up the WHOLE bed, so where was I going to fit the baby without smashing it? I wanted a co-sleeper (to attach to the bed) but we ended up using the pack'n'play for Fuss and at 3 weeks she decided that she slept better in her crib, without mommy there to hover over her ever time she moved or sighed. (I slept better, too) so it was never an issue. I tried to nap with her a few times, but she is a VERY active sleeper (even now - the last time we tried letting her sleep in our bed no one got any sleep at all) so that didn't happen very often, even when she had her own half of our bed.

Anyhow, I also never learned to nurse lying down very well, so it was never a convenient thing to pull her into bed, nurse and fall asleep or doze in bed while she did so. All that has changed.

It is now a nearly daily event for the baby to wake up between 5-6 and to have my husband pull him into bed with us and nurse him. My husband usually falls completely back to sleep and I doze or at least relax while the baby eats. When he is done, I usually roll back a little, confirm that my pillow isn't going to cover his face and doze/sleep for another hour or so. As long as he isn't overly fussy, we can all sleep until 7-ish on a good day. It's heavenly.

I love watching him sleep. I love having him snuggled up next to me and feeling his little warm body close to me. There are days when he is squirmy and wants to get up, so I don't get much sleep in those cases, but overall, it's a nice little time for us to have some extra closeness when the world around us is still and quiet.

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  1. Meg was/is the same way. I liked having her with us in bed, but we all slept terrible because she kicks/rolls so much. It didn't last long and I never figured out laying down breastfeeding. Maybe next time!