Monday, October 18, 2010


I've been awake for about an hour this morning and I've already been pooped on, peed on, had to change stinky clothes, dirty linens (and there's more to do, but those could wait) and had to vacuum up the muffin crumbs all over my couch (because "the dogs will eat it!"). I haven't even had time to MAKE coffee, let alone get to drink some. (And apparently, my letter "A" key is sticking and I have to pound it to get it to work. Oh joy.) I did crack open my can of Coca Cola to survive.

We spent our free Sunday yesterday doing chores. Daddy Fuss rented a pressure washer and pressure-washed the outside of the house in preparation for painting next weekend. I am REALLY not looking forward to that. I spent time cleaning up the kitchen, finishing the flowers on Fuss's new bedroom walls, cleaning up the dining room, and doing laundry. So exciting. I guess our dull Sunday makes up for our fun Saturday. My step-brothers' weddings were Saturday night. I got my toes done in the morning, my hair done in the afternoon and then we celebrated w/ them for the evening and into the night. (We took the baby, so we had to leave long before the festivities wrapped up, but it was fun!) I plan to do a post on it when I have my pictures off-loaded.

My Gramma is supposed to come visit this morning, so I have been attempting to get and keep the house in some sort of order. She has lightened up significantly over the years, but I remember her always looking disapprovingly at my mom's lack-of-housekeeping skills.

My MIL babysat for Fuss while we were at the wedding. When we came home, she had picked up my living room and scrubbed my tub (she also fed Fuss spaghetti for dinner and had to give her a bath, so the tub scrubbing was obvious). I appreciate the help, but when she does stuff like that, I always feel like she is judging my housekeeping skills and I find that offensive and laughable, considering her own house is such a disaster! Daddy Fuss insists that she is simply trying to help me adjust to dealing with a high-energy toddler and a newborn and that she only does it out of a spirit of seeing a need and wanting to be useful. I am trying to see it that way.

My housekeeping is improving. I still have trouble keeping things picked up, especially w/ Fuss around. I still need to do a HUGE organizing of my shelves and desk, so that's a project coming up. But right now, I'm focusing on maintaining and working on the new room for Fuss. It feels like full-time job just keeping up with the kids sometimes!

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