Friday, October 8, 2010

7 Quick Takes

1. I've been really struggling this week. I don't know, exactly, what is up, but I am in a perpetually bad mood, I am grumpy, stressed, angry, impatient. I'm hoping I will snap out of it soon, because it seems to be out of my control. About the only thing that isn't ticking me off is my baby boy - he's so sweet and cuddly and yummy. (although, I admit, when he gets to crying for no apparent reason, I get rather frustrated with him/myself for not being able to figure out what to do to make him stop.)

2. You know how in the movies or in books or whatever, a baby always settles down to the mom/special person in his life that is supposed to be his most important person? Yeah. That's not reality. Or I'm not that person, take your pick. Maybe I screw it up, but he doesn't automatically settle when I'm nearby or holding him or whatever.

3. My best friend got a teaching job this week. School started 8 weeks ago (or something - I'm not sure exactly when public schools began around here) and she's been searching for a job since July. I'm happy for her, since it will make sure that she has an income this year and as she and her husband just bought a house this summer, that is very important. But I'm bummed for me, since I was kind of getting used to having her around, being able to pick up and call her any time I wanted, etc. And she was going to babysit Fuss next week while I went to the OB for my follow-up and now she can't, of course. So I'm both happy for her and bummed for me in the process.

4. Thursday night we managed to get the baby down to sleep before 10PM. Unfortunately, this meant that he wanted to wake up much earlier than his usual 4 o'clock hour (2 o'clock hour instead) and then again before 5. I can't decide if it's better to go to bed earlier and wake up twice or go to bed later and wake only once. I'm leaning towards the latter, since I don't like waking during the night (and I consider anything before 6am to be "during the night") any more than I have to. We shall see.

5. We have been having issues w/ our garbage pick up lately. My husband called last week to report yet another missed pick up (I was coming home from an outing and saw the truck drive right past our house. If both kids hadn't been in the car, I would have run after them) and the lady on the phone gave him a hard time, telling him we should have put our cans out the night before. Since they don't pick up until after noon each time, he pointed out that it seemed ridiculous to assume that putting the garbage out 8 hours earlier than he had would have made a difference 8 hours after that. We now have a running joke about the stick on our can changing colors if we put it out before bed to let the garbage men know it was out the night before.

6. The cooler weather we've been having has prompted me to break out pants for the kids. This is at least a minor problem, since Fuss only has 3 pairs of pants and the Little Man doesn't seem to fit in pants at all. His waist is too skinny. Each time I've tried to put him in shorts or such, they fall off of him when I pick him up. I have to keep him in one piece outfits, which is fine in the warmer weather, but... He has 1 pair of pants that fit and one that sort of fits, but I'm going to have to dig in his box to discover if there are more.

7. I've been kneeling on our hard terrazzo floors to work on the flowers in Fuss's new room and I'm afraid I've bruised my knees. They hurt.

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  1. Are you doing NaBloPoMo a month early? I can barely keep up with your posts! I was kind of expecting them to drop off when the baby was born. I think its great they didn't!

  2. 1) what day is your OB appointment? I can help if you want - if it's a day I have Spencer, you can meet me at one of your local playgrounds and they can play while you have your appointment, and if I don't have Spencer I can just come pick her up ... Thursday lunchtime is the only time that's bad for me, because I made plans. :)

    2)I've been struggling too. I think it's the two days in a row with the toddler, because we have one great day and then 4 days that I want to kill him. Next week my daycare had to change his schedule so they days aren't next to eachother and I'm going to see if that helps. I can't imagine having both all week like you do - I would have already snapped.

    3) You can try something like this to solve the waist problem. Spencer lived in them when he was little.

  3. Jessica - nope, just my usual 5 days a week.

    April - it's thursday. :) thanks though!