Thursday, October 21, 2010


I was just invited to my SIL's (adult) Halloween party. I have always wanted to go to an adult Halloween party where adults wear costumes. I haven't dressed up for Halloween in since I was 11 or 12, so I'm really looking forward to this!

But now I have the problem of what to wear. My dream costume is Marilyn Monroe. I was inspired by the NCIS Halloween episode where Abby is dressed as Marilyn. But I am not really in shape for that dress (I'll be approximately 8 weeks postpartum. I've lost the weight, but the shape...), so I think I might have to forgo the Marilyn outfit.

But in the spirit of NCIS, I came up with the idea of just going as a character from the show. I figured out how to turn my husband into Gibbs (jeans, a white under shirt, a polo shirt, a blazer - all of which we own already and then we need to buy him a badge and a prop gun and maybe some hair gray spray.) And me, I'm going as Abby (I hope. I have some Salvation Army Thrift Store shopping to do) - though I will be skipping the wig and going as a red-haired Abby. But a little imagination is just fine. My mom has a white lab coat I can borrow (I'll add a label that says "NCIS") and I have black boots. I have a fitted black t-shirt that I may or may not draw a skull on (I've been looking at pictures and she does have some plain black t-shirts that she wears, so I may be able to get away w/ that) and I need to get a plaid mini skirt and either over-the-knee socks or fishnet stockings and a dog collar necklace. Pigtails and my outfit is complete. I'm kinda excited about it. I need to get out and looking for my skirt, since that is the centerpiece, I think. If I can't find a skirt, then I'll have to rethink it. I'll buy the knee socks to match the plaid. Or I'll go with fishnets if I find an odd-colored plaid.


  1. We are between going as Rock Hudson and Doris Day if I can find appropriate wigs (we have clothes that will do) or dressing in black and wearing devil masks. I've decided that this decision will be made on Saturday, come hell or high water. We have a party to go to on the following Saturday which we go to every year and last year we were Clark Kent and Lois Lane, which was great. All we had to do was get my husband a Superman shirt to wear under dress clothes and I made Daily Planet press passes for both of us.

  2. That's great! I should have thought of that. :) Love me some Superman!