Monday, January 29, 2007

Just Another Manic Monday

Okay, so maybe not so manic.
Over the weekend, other than being incredibly emotional, I was alright. I got grumpy and irritable really easy and then when watching a movie - I couldn't even watch a sad part without starting to cry. I must be PMS-ing. I got pissy with Mr Moose on more than one occasion and I felt like I couldn't control it at all - I have no idea what triggered it, but there I was. Mad at the world.

I'm having what I assume to be ovarian pain. It reminds me of the discomfort I was having when I had the big cyst, only not as frequent or constant. Part of me assumes it's just another cyst and part of me is wondering whether I have an ectopic pregnancy. I've been getting these dizzy spells for several days with varying intensity. From my googling this morning, that is one symptom of ectopic pregnancy, though with all the others I either can't tell (ie, my bowels are always screwed up - os I never can tell if the symptoms that go with those are true or not) or not (no vomit, thank goodness). I'm probably just being paranoid. :-)

We had a busy weekend. I started a quilt while Mr Moose went to a parade with some friends on Saturday. We went to my BF's house to see the baby and play cards and have dinner. M made steak and chicken kabobs on the grill which were surprisingly deliscious (I'm somewhat of a picky eater). We played Canasta and each team (girls vs guys) one one set. I got to hold the baby for a little while, but not long enough! :-) She sort of monopolized his time and attention between naps and feedings. Not that I blame her. Somehow, I think I'll end up never sharing when I get one of my own. We stopped by to pick up some stuff on Sunday and she and I were looking through a catalog of nursery stuff - furniture and bedding, mostly. I've decided that even though I'm incredibly girlie, I don't want to surround a daughter in nothing but ruffles and lace because i don't want her to get sick of it at age 2. I loved both - I liked the ruffles (although I always thought lace was too itchy) but I liked ot get dirty in my play clothes, too. :-)

The quilt I started is sort of a "dream quilt" for me - I have a thing for fabrics with texture and I decided to go out and get fabrics I liked in coordinating colors and just do it. I've got satins and cordoroy and moleskin and microfiber. I did it in neutrals and greens, so it matches my living room. I started cutting on Saturday and sewing Sunday night, but I think I might take part of Sunday's creation apart and rethink my design. I was just doing a patchwork - big squares with the occasional smaller 4 squares to make a big square... but I'm not sure now. I might take all the smaller ones and put them around the edges instead. We shall see. I'm essentially a quilt novice, so this is officially my first quilt. I used to make quilts when I was little - but they were for dolls and hand sewn made of wahtever calico my mother had lying around in her scrap bin. I'm not nearly as talented as Julie, so don't expect much, but I'll try and post a picture when I'm done.

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